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What is an Extended Vehicle Warranty?

  • A warranty that will continue to cover your vehicle after the primary service contract expires.

What should I consider when thinking about the extended coverage?

  • If you need it: if the primary contract covers you for the time you plan on owning the vehicle, you don’t need it.
  • What plan you need: we offer a variety of contracts, so you can find a plan that will meet your automotive needs.

How do I contact the Finance Department?

  • By visiting our 'Finance Form’ page or by calling our Finance Department at (989) 773-3917.

Extended Service Contract | Auto Financing at Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac

Purchasing a car is a huge investment, which is why you might want your purchase to be protected under warranty. You’ll feel more secure knowing your vehicle is covered by an extended warranty insurance plan. Especially since a new vehicle is considered to be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life.

Extended Warranty Insurance is ensuring that you have a back up plan should something happen to your vehicle. Paying a small amount on an extended warranty ensures that you won’t be paying a much larger amount later on.


It’s important to remember that Extended Warranty Insurance isn’t for everyone. It’s a personal choice you’ll have to make and the experts at Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac in Mt. Pleasant are available to help you with your decision.

We offer a variety of programs that fit different needs, so ask your Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac representative to explain the various options. Financing for these plans can even be rolled into your purchase. This means that you might end up only paying a few extra cents a day for long-term peace of mind – and that’s priceless.

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Things to consider when thinking about Extended Warranty Coverage:

  • Do you really need it? If the primary warranty on your vehicle covers your car for the amount of time you plan on owning it, you might not need to purchase extended warranty coverage. However, if you’re planning on owning your vehicle longer than what the primary warranty will cover, you might want to consider purchasing the extended warranty program.

  • What is the proper plan for your individual needs? At Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac, we have a variety of extended warranty programs that you can choose from. Whether you need a program to cover only major repairs to your vehicle’s drivetrain or whether you want full bumper-to-bumper coverage – we’ve got it! So let us help you find a program that fits your individual needs.

Understanding the ins-and-outs of warranties can be difficult. That’s why our experts at Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac are here to give you the facts. We want to make sure you completely understand what you’re purchasing.

We’re here to help make sure you’re not surprised later on down the road because we care about you having a great buying experience.

We also want to make sure you don’t feel pressured into making any purchases that you didn’t want to make. So if you have any questions or comments about the extended warranty coverage program, or any other part of the car buying process, contact us!