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Providing the Latest in OnStar Technology For All Our Customers | Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac

At Hank Graff Buick GMC Cadillac, we are pleased to have the opportunity to provide our customers with OnStar. OnStar gives a sense of security and connectivity to drivers, offering a variety of features such as Roadside Assistance, Navigation, Hands-Free Calling and Automatic Crash Response.

We invite you to enjoy the convenience of having OnStar in your next vehicle. Come visit us today to get your new Buick, GMC or Cadillac equipped with available OnStar at Hank Graff in Mt Pleasant, MI.


OnStar Emergency Services

OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response feature will send help in the event of an accident. If a crash occurs, a specially trained Emergency Advisor will be immediately connected to your vehicle. If you request help or can’t answer, emergency responders will be sent to your exact GPS location right away.

You can also access this emergency service by pushing the red SOS button. OnStar gives you 24/7 access so that you can be easily taken care of in a crisis. No matter what happens on the road, OnStar is your link to emergency service providers.

  • During a medical emergency, OnStar’s trained advisors are ready and easy to reach. They will even stay on the line with you until help arrives.

  • When you see a crash, someone in trouble, or a fire, press your red SOS button and OnStar will send emergency assistance right away.

  • For an Amber Alert, you can push your red SOS button if you see a missing child. OnStar will connect with the police for a swift response.


OnStar Security Protection

OnStar’s Security Protection is a great feature that helps protect your vehicle with stolen vehicle assistance. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your vehicle has been stolen, OnStar will work with the police in an effort to recover it.

GPS technology can help OnStar and the police identify the location of your vehicle if it gets stolen and then provide it to authorities for a fast recovery. OnStar can also remotely block your ignition, preventing the vehicle from restarting once it has been turned off, or even send a signal to your vehicle forcing it to progressively and safely slow down.

With OnStar’s assistance, your vehicle will be retrieved quickly with the reduced possibility of damage, injuries, and fatalities associated with high-speed chases.

While the stolen vehicle assistance is a great feature to have access to, OnStar also helps protect you and your vehicle in other situations with roadside assistance. If you have an empty gas tank, flat tire, or if you find yourself stranded, OnStar can be reached with the push of your OnStar button.

Once you’ve pushed the button, OnStar will contact a nearby car dealership, towing service or gas station and send them to your exact location as quickly as possible.


OnStar Navigation Assistance

Taking a road trip is a breeze with the Navigation Assistance feature. You can plan out your route ahead of time and easily send it to your vehicle with OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn navigation and eNav. The Turn-by-Turn Navigation can easily connect you to your destination. All you need to do is push the button for the directions you saved with eNav or connect with an advisor for assistance.

The best part about the OnStar Navigation is that it is built in and ready to go! All you need to do is pick a location that you previously stored or ask an advisor for directions. The eNav feature is designed for convenience since it completely eliminates the need to manually enter an address while driving.

Instead, you can program and send directions to your vehicle before you even get behind the wheel. All you need to do is find the destination you want from your home computer/laptop/tablet and send it to your vehicle via eNav, or by pushing your blue button and speaking with an advisor. You can even store multiple destinations and retrieve them from your vehicle whenever you need them.

eNav gives you the ability to harness the power of MapQuest to make your trip as smooth as possible.


Connections Everywhere

With OnStar’s Hands-Free Calling, you can keep your attention where it belongs: on the road. This feature allows you to stay connected with its ability to make phone calls for you, providing you with better connections and less dropped calls. You can even connect in places where handheld cell phones are banned while driving!

OnStar Hands-Free Calling helps you stay focused on driving, because all you have to do is push the Voice Command button to make or take calls. Once you’ve pushed the button, say the phone number or the stored name of the contact you want and OnStar will connect you.

With hands-free calling and OnStar remotelink mobile app, you will have reliable and easy calling on the go. Remotely connect to your vehicle with OnStar RemoteLink mobile app.

RemoteLink gives you remote control of certain features in your vehicle, like viewing real-time diagnostic information, and more. The RemoteLink app is available for iOS® and select Android™ and Blackberry® devices. An active OnStar subscription and compatible vehicle are also required.


Diagnostics Reporting

OnStar’s Diagnostics feature is a great way to know what exactly is going on with your vehicle. Diagnostic information is sent to you monthly via email reports that show you what’s going on with your vehicle in easy to understand language and images.

Diagnostics is already included in your OnStar service, at no additional cost. This feature also gives you the ability to run a diagnostic report while you’re on the road – all you have to do is push a blue button and an Advisor will contact you and conduct a real-time check for you.

While the diagnostic reports can be accessed at any time, OnStar will automatically run hundreds of checks and maintenance reviews on your vehicle’s main operating systems. This check includes information such as Engine and Transmission System, StabiliTrak ® Stability Control System, Air Bag System, Emissions System, Antilock Brakes System, and OnStar System.

Your monthly vehicle check also includes maintenance information such as recommended maintenance and tire pressure. You’ll feel safe and secure on the road with the knowledge that your vehicle is running efficiently – knowledge, which is provided by your OnStar’s Diagnostics feature.

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